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NPC deputy Mo Fuyuan: striving to help farmers increase income"
NPC deputy Mo Fuyuan: striving to help farmers increase income"
|China Post News|2023-03-10



Mo Fuyuan, a newly elected deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) this year, is a postman at Longli Postal Branch in Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou province. One of the goals he sets for himself is to help farmers increase income.

Mo Fuyuan began his career as a postman when he was 17 years old. So far, he has been working along postal routes for 28 years. From the letters, telegrams and remittance advice to the villagers at the very beginning to the e-commerce packages he is delivering now, from the dirt roads in the barren mountains he had to take on his route over 20 years ago to the cement and asphalt roads as well as the expressways that have been gradually built there, dramatic changes have taken place to his delivery work. “The boom in rural e-commerce has brought out the potential of rural logistics. Some farmers are doing well not only in farming, but also in selling. I often collect from the villagers agricultural products, such as honey, purple yams and purple sweet potatoes, which are good sources of their income growth,” Mo Fuyuan said.

In order to create more channels for increasing rural income, and to deliver a better life to rural residents, Mo Fuyuan brought to this year’s NPC his proposal on strengthening government’s policy support for postal enterprises serving rural revitalization. He said, “The government work report this year mentioned a lot about the development of postal industry, including the strategy of rural revitalization and the improvement of modern logistics system. As a postman, I’m particularly impressed by these contents. I also sincerely expect that China Post will play a greater role in rural revitalization based on policies such as extending express services to villages and expanding cooperation between postal and express companies."

Grounded in his own work, Mo Fuyuan is also very concerned about how to break through the “last-mile” of rural logistics. “Only if the whole country attaches great importance to rural logistics and makes joint efforts to drive it on a fast track, can logistics service be extended to every corner of the country as soon as possible to improve farmers’ wellbeing.”

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