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NPC deputy Zhao Mingcui: performing new duties with trust and responsibilities
NPC deputy Zhao Mingcui: performing new duties with trust and responsibilities
|China Post News|2023-03-08



Zhao Mingcui, a rural mail carrier of Shaanxi Shiquan Postal Branch, was very excited when re-elected as a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC). Being an NPC deputy means not only trust of the nation and the people but also a great responsibility to her. So she is very grateful to folks of her hometown for their support, and to China Post for its nurturing throughout the years.

While completing delivery tasks, Zhao Mingcui collected people's demands for and ideas about industrial development, elderly care services, construction of a beautiful countryside and so on, and formulated relevant proposals after in-depth research. She has brought to this year’s two sessions six proposals, all of which are closely related to the development of her hometown. 

One of Zhao Mingcui’s concerns this year is how to make good use of the rich hydropower resources in her hometown Ankang, as energy supply and economic development are mutually reinforcing. Currently, the theoretical hydropower potential in Ankang is 4.69 million kilowatts, but its installed capacity is only 2.7 million kilowatts, less than 60 percent of the theoretical potential. She proposes that the pumped storage hydroelectric project of Ankang should be included into the key implementation projects of The Medium- and Long-term Development Plan for Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity, so as to explore the transformation, upgrading and development of traditional hydropower by utilizing the city’s distinctive resources in this aspect.

Zhao Mingcui also hopes that the government can channel more fiscal funds to remote areas to promote the realization of common prosperity. She suggests increasing allocation of compensation funds to remote counties to ease their financial pressure on water quality protection, sewage and garbage treatment, and improvement of rural living environment, so as to boost the common development of local economy and environmental protection.

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