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NPC deputy Yin Yong: strengthening rural construction to make people better off
NPC deputy Yin Yong: strengthening rural construction to make people better off
|China Post News|2023-03-07



Yin Yong, a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) from Jiangsu Sihong Postal Branch, has taken into account local conditions and put forward proposals on people's livelihood and economic development, after his fact-finding tours to local country as an NPC deputy and his communication with local people and other NPC deputies. Having been elected as deputy to the NPC for two consecutive sessions, he has presented a number of proposals concerning rural areas. This year, his proposals are still closely related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers as well as the national strategy of rural revitalization. Focusing particularly on three-tiered delivery and logistics system, he has put forward proposals on accelerating construction of the three-tiered rural delivery and logistics system at village, township and county levels. Also, he shows concern for the rights and interests of such vulnerable groups as the elderly, disabled and low-income groups.

According to Yin Yong’s proposal, the construction of the three-tiered delivery and logistics system should be further carried forward to open up a fast track of rural e-commerce development for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, thus tackling the “last mile” problems of logistics distribution and postal delivery, facilitating production and life in rural areas and increasing rural incomes. Yin Yong believes that attention and investment discrepancy of local governments are the key factors determining the development of the three-tiered delivery and logistics system. Therefore, he has put forward the following concrete proposals. First, the State Council should issue relevant regulations on the construction and operation of the three-tiered delivery and logistics system. Governments of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) should issue corresponding implementation rules accordingly, granting special financial subsidies to postal enterprises for building and operating delivery and logistics points. Second, city-level governments should fix construction and operation plans for the rural delivery and logistics system within their districts and counties, and urge county-level governments to speed up the implementation of the plans. Third, provincial-level and city-level postal branches should coordinate the use of the dedicated funds and work with departments of commerce, transportation, agriculture and rural affairs, and postal administrations at provincial and city levels respectively, to accelerate the construction and operation of the rural delivery and logistics system within their jurisdiction.

The development of three-tiered delivery and logistics system depends on the improvement of the rural transportation infrastructure. Therefore, Yin Yong has presented a proposal on strengthening country road construction to facilitate comprehensive rural revitalization. With roads being built every year, the mileage of country roads has steadily increased, bringing much convenience to people's travel, production and life. Apart from building new roads, he suggests, the old and badly damaged country roads should be thoroughly checked and timely repaired, and protection facilities should be installed on both sides of the roads. In addition, professional maintenance personnel should be assigned and special funds allocated to improve road management and maintenance and ensure the normal use and safety of the roads. He also suggests that more roads should be built between villages as well as villages and fields to make the countryside more beautiful.

Focusing on rural revitalization, Yin Yong has also presented proposals on strengthening construction of high-standard farmland to improve food production capacity, and on establishing new models of rural elderly care. In addition, he has brought forward proposals on supporting Suqian city to establish and improve mechanisms to realize the market value of ecological products, and on ensuring the linking up of policies to protect the rights and interests of the disabled.

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