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2023 Green Post initiative and environmental protection priorities released
2023 Green Post initiative and environmental protection priorities released
|China Post News|2023-03-31

Recently, China Post Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as China Post Group) released its Green Post initiative and environmental protection priorities for 2023, requiring all postal enterprises across the country to thoroughly implement the overall requirements of the plan issued by China Post Group to develop green post during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025), and strive to promote the key projects of green development in the industry. It calls for special actions to address excessive packaging and plastic pollution, so that 90 percent of e-commerce express items won’t need any secondary packaging, 100 million postal and express items will use recyclable packaging and 80 million corrugated boxes will be recycled and reused.

China Post Group has laid out detailed measures from four aspects to comprehensively achieve the overall goals of the Green Post initiative.

First, China Post Group will deeply promote the green transition of express packaging. It will continue to address the selection of packaging materials at the source, strengthen control over excessive packaging, push forward special actions to cope with plastic pollution, and promote recycling and reuse of express packaging. It will also improve the management of packaging, and tighten inspections of green post measures.

Second, China Post Group will accelerate the green transition of mail transportation. It will continue to promote the use of new energy and clean energy vehicles, optimize the mode of transportation organization, spread the drop and pull transport mode of trunk mail routes, and vigorously roll out the intelligent transportation capacity matching system.

Third, China Post Group will innovate and promote the development of green finance. It will actively explore the construction of green finance institutions such as carbon-neutral and green sub-branches as well as green finance departments, drive product and service innovation in green credit, green bond and carbon finance, and step up green credit extension. It will push on with the development of green insurance product systems, promote low-carbon services, and enrich electronic financial service scenarios.

Fourth, China Post Group will steadily advance green and low-carbon development. It will press ahead with the construction of green distribution centers and green outlets, and continue to install rooftop solar power facilities in postal premises. It will also keep promoting green workplace construction in such aspects as working in a green and low-carbon way, dining in a green and civilized manner, saving water and electricity, establishing a green procurement system, and using green buildings.

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