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China-Russia Manzhouli land mail route resumes
China-Russia Manzhouli land mail route resumes
|China Post News|2023-03-29

On March 20, a truck carrying 5.8 tonnes of international mail departed from Manzhouli International Mail Exchange Office in Inner Mongolia autonomous region. On March 26, it arrived at Novosibirsk International Mail Exchange Office in Russia. The delivery of the mail is expected to be finished across Russia by early April. This is the first time that China-Russia land mail route from Manzhouli has resumed operation since November 27, 2021, when it was suspended due to the epidemic.

To speed up international services and facilitate the development of cross-border e-commerce, Inner Mongolia Postal Branch has pushed ahead with the resumption of China-Russia mail route via Manzhouli International Mail Exchange Office since the beginning of this year. It has communicated repeatedly with competent authorities to coordinate the priority release of Russia-bound mail vehicles. Finally, under the support of the local government and Customs, the mail route was smoothly restored. With the restoration of the route, Inner Mongolia Postal Branch will strive to promote business development and mail transit, thereby contributing to the high-quality development of Russia-bound international mail service of the whole postal network.

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