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China Post releases action plan for serving rural revitalization
China Post releases action plan for serving rural revitalization
|China Post News|2023-03-29

Recently, China Post Group Corporation Limited issued the China Post 2023-2025 Action Plan for Serving Rural Revitalization Strategy (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan).

Since 2018, focusing on solving the painful problems of financing, sales and logistics in rural areas, and giving full play to its innate resource advantages in the integrated flow of commodity, logistics, capital and information, China Post has been constantly strengthening the top-level design, and promoting comprehensive service solutions that integrate rural e-commerce, inclusive finance, delivery and logistics. As a result, it has gradually built a collaborative service ecosystem which will not only bring benefits to farmers and consumers, but also expand China Post’s customer base and build up the government’s popularity and reputation, and thereby laid a solid foundation for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and facilitating agricultural and rural modernization.

According to the Action Plan, by 2025, China Post’s capabilities of providing inclusive services, meeting essential needs and ensuring basic living standards will be remarkably strengthened to serve rural revitalization and facilitate agricultural and rural modernization. A postal model will be completed and rolled out to solve the financing, sales and logistics problems in rural areas through its integrated commodity, logistics, capital and information flow. China Post’s market channels, networks and customer base in rural areas will be consolidated all the more, and its competitiveness greatly increased. Its capabilities to promote rural modernization will be significantly enhanced, and the quality and efficiency in facilitating agricultural modernization greatly improved. Moreover, China Post’s accomplishments in boosting poverty alleviation will be reinforced and extended, and the responsibilities of serving rural revitalization fulfilled.

The Action Plan launches 17 major tasks in such three directions as deepening industrial coordination to serve industry revitalization and facilitate agricultural modernization, strengthening rural services to promote rural construction and help rural modernization, and securing targeted assistance and assistance through finance and e-commerce.  

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