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Eyesnews: China Daily covers story of postman
Eyesnews: China Daily covers story of postman
|Eyesnews app|2023-04-07

On March 31, China Daily published a headline story entitled "Guizhou deputy reflects on long life as postman".



Mo Fuyuan is an ordinary postman at China Post Group Guizhou Longli Branch. When he was a child, he used to keep in touch with his elder brother who was studying away from home by letters. Therefore, the job of a postman, to him, is meaningful which is able to connect people thousands of miles away. In 1995, 17-year-old Mo Fuyuan began his work as a postman delivering mail in the western part of the county town for customers including Longli county committee of the CPC, Longli county government and more than 80 percent of the government agencies as well as a number of enterprises in the northern industrial park. Moreover, villagers living in the suburbs of the county town were also his customers. With such heavy tasks, Mo Fuyuan commenced his delivery trips from dawn to dusk.

In order to ensure timely delivery of the mail, overnight sorting becomes his normal. Whether it is in the streets of the town or the fields of the country, he has left his footprints of silent progress. Since 1996, Mo Fuyuan has been awarded by the post office of the county as outstanding worker every year. In 2020, he was selected as one of the "Good Samaritans of China" and won the title of "National Role Model Worker" in the same year. Traveling on his route for 28 years, Mo witnessed the social and economic development of his hometown and the dramatic changes in the logistics industry. Especially with China's rural construction, cement roads, asphalt roads, expressways have gradually been completed in his hometown, so that automobiles can now reach the farthest place in less than two hours, making mail delivery more convenient.

Times are changing, but what remains unchanged is the mission of postmen. Whether the weary postman walking on dirty mountain paths in the past or the busy figure in the delivery van at present, Mo Fuyuan has always been working for the last-mile delivery to the countryside. As a rural postman, Mo Fuyuan has traveled more than 400,000 kilometers on the postal routes, bringing happiness to rural residents and demonstrating his devotion and selfless dedication as a Party member. As a deputy to the 14th National People's Congress, Mo Fuyuan said that he would serve the people, speak up for them and continue to make extraordinary performance in his ordinary post.

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