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Henan Postal Branch boosts cross-border e-commerce through dedicated air route
Henan Postal Branch boosts cross-border e-commerce through dedicated air route
|China Post News|2023-04-12

On April 7, Henan Postal Branch and Henan Province Airport Group, together with Ozon—Russia's largest multi-category comprehensive B2C e-commerce platform, jointly held a special event featuring cross-border e-commerce in Zhengzhou, to better assist cross-border e-commerce in Henan province to enter the Russian market quickly and conveniently. Currently, China Post's charter flights to Russia is based in Zhengzhou, where the regular direct flights to Russia operate two to three times a week. In addition to local mail items from Henan, airmail from other provinces across the country destined to Russia can also be transferred to Zhengzhou International Mail Hub Port for outbound transportation. Since the beginning of this year, firmly grasping new opportunities of China-Russia cooperation, China Post has been gearing up efforts to expand cross-border logistics system, joining hands with Ozon platform to promote Russia-bound online e-Packet. At present, Russia-bound online e-Packet has opened its collection services in 18 cities in Henan province. Sellers can choose to take their items to the collection points by themselves or call postal staff in for door-to-door collection. Then, all the items will be transported by the Zhengzhou-Russia regular direct flight, the whole process taking an average of  three days less compared with that in the past. In the second half of this year, China Post will continue to increase frequency of the Zhengzhou-Russia flights to provide good cross-border e-commerce shopping experience for Chinese and Russian consumers.

With more than 500 cross-border e-commerce clients participating, this event has further strengthened the bond among Henan Postal Branch, cross-border e-commerce platforms and customers, aiming to achieve win-win results through resource integration. Henan Postal Branch will further leverage the advantages of Zhengzhou International Mail Hub Port, constantly enrich and improve its international air network, and reinforce its service capabilities, thus boosting the foreign trade growth and new development of cross-border delivery services in the whole province.

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