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Chairman Liu Aili meets CEO of Australia Post
Chairman Liu Aili meets CEO of Australia Post
|China Post News|2023-04-18

On April 12, Chairman Liu Aili of China Post Group Corporation Limited met with CEO Paul Graham of Australia Post and his entourage in Beijing. The two parties conducted in-depth talks about partnership, market opportunities and development.

Mr. Liu Aili extended warm welcome to the delegation of Australia Post and introduced the current development of China Post. He said that China Post has developed into a large modern conglomerate with multi-business synergetic operations, whose major business sectors include universal postal service, express and logistics business, financial service and rural e-commerce service.

Mr. Liu mentioned that China Post and Australia Post have been maintaining sound cooperation for a long time. In terms of postal channels, the two parties have launched international letter-post and parcel-post services based on the multilateral framework of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), and provided bilateral services like e-Packet and EMS. In terms of commercial channels, Sai Cheng Logistics International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sai Cheng), a joint venture established by China Post and Australia Post, has developed highly competitive commercial products on the dedicated route between China and Australia. He hoped that the two sides will reinforce bilateral coordination mechanisms, and strengthen cooperation in multilateral organizations such as the UPU and Kahala Posts Group, so as to jointly expand postal market shares. The two sides will carry out more comprehensive and in-depth two-way business cooperation in cross-border e-commerce, manufacturing, general trade and other areas, improve the time limit of postal products, and enhance the competitiveness of postal service. He also hoped that the two parties will strengthen coordination in international freight market and carry out research and development on cross-border freight business. At the same time, Mr. Liu called on both sides to jointly promote the development of Sai Cheng, facilitate China Post and Australia Post to build an international logistics system, and support the implementation of the international strategies of the two parties for their high-quality development.

Paul Graham highly praised the business development of China Post and expressed his desire to enhance cooperation between the two Posts. He spoke highly of China Post for its responsible practice during the outbreak of COVID-19, saying that postal services have gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily life. With an easing pandemic situation, Australia Post is willing to, taking Sai Cheng as a bond, resume its cooperation and friendship with China Post as they were before the outbreak of COVID-19, strengthen partnership, and seize the opportunity of economic recovery in the post-pandemic era to further expand the market. He anticipated in-depth cooperation between the two parties in cross-border e-commerce and international transportation, hoping that the cooperation will head for a better and brighter future.

Wen Shaoqi, vice president of China Post Group Corporation Limited, and relevant executives from the Parcel, Express and Logistics Business Unit and General Affairs Department of China Post Group as well as Shanghai Postal Branch attended the meeting.

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