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Philately Week 2023 to start on Sept 3
Philately Week 2023 to start on Sept 3—— Special stamps Taihang Mountains to be issued
|China Post News|2023-09-02

China Post Group Corporation Limited and the All-China Philatelic Federation will hold the Philately Week 2023 nationwide from September 3 to 9.

The theme of Philately Week 2023 is “Philately Connects Past, Present and Future”. Through a series of online and offline philatelic activities, this event will help connect all kinds of customers, highlight the charm of philately, enhance its popularity, expand the number of philatelic participants and give full play to the leading role of philatelic culture.

The Philately Week 2023 consists of seven theme activities, namely, the “Fine View Discovery Day” on September 3, “Teenagers’ Day” on September 4, “Sci-Tech Dreams Day” on September 5, “Stamp Appreciation Day” on September 6, “Belt and Road Day” on September 7, “Meet Asian Games Day” on September 8, and “Members’ Day” on September 9. In the Week, subscribers can participate in the online activities through the Weixin Mini Program “Encyclopedia of China Philately and Stamps” to experience the “2023 China National Teenagers Philatelic Exhibition” and various interactive games, and watch the live broadcast of the first-day-of-issue ceremony for stamps. Postal branches across the country will also hold offline activities such as theme exhibitions, cultural appreciation forums, philatelic lectures, and Q&A contests.

Meanwhile, special stamps Taihang Mountains will be issued on September 3. This set of stamps includes 6 pieces. The stamp designs are respectively named Magnificent Mountain Pass, Baishi Mountain and Red Crags of Zhangshiyan, Taihang Canyon in Huguan County, Wangmang Mountain, Guoliang Tunnel Road and Wangwu Mountain.

The stamps Taihang Mountains are painted with ink and wash painting techniques, where the gradation of ink colors, changes of brush strokes, and the proper use of rendering effect are conducive to showcasing the representative scenes of the majestic mountains. In this way, the unique landforms, profound history and overflowing spirit of humanity of Taihang Mountains are all displayed on the small stamps. This set of stamps is designed by Li Defu and printed by Beijing Stamp Printing House Company Limited with photogravure technology. The denomination of the whole set is 8.90 yuan, and the planned circulation is 6,715,000 sets for layout 1 and 835,000 sets for layout 2.



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