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Yunnan Postal Branch completes successful maiden flight on Kunming-Yangon all-cargo air route
Yunnan Postal Branch completes successful maiden flight on Kunming-Yangon all-cargo air route
|China Post News|2023-11-10

At 03:35 am on November 4, the Kunming-Yangon scheduled all-cargo air route launched by Yunnan Postal Branch completed its maiden flight successfully. This is another new international all-cargo air route Yunnan Postal Branch has opened after the Kunming-Bangkok all-cargo air route launched in June 2020.

On September 26, Yunnan Postal Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Myanmar National Airlines. The two sides seized this opportunity to accelerate the opening and operation of the Kunming-Yangon air route. This maiden flight took only 2 hours to fly from Kunming to Yangon. Therefore, it has greatly shortened the transportation time compared with land transportation. The air route as such can ensure efficient freight shipping and alleviate the logistics and distribution problems trade enterprises in the two places would encounter when importing and exporting goods. The initial flight from Kunming to Yangon can carry 14 tonnes of cargo and the return flight 16 tonnes. Consequently, while providing efficient shipment for international mail to Southeast Asia, this route may also attract a number of new cross-border e-commerce platforms to ship goods via Kunming.

Next, Yunnan Postal Branch will make further contributions to the high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative, open more advantageous international air routes, and make every effort to promote the construction of China Post’s cross-border e-commerce hub in Yunnan so as to develop an efficient international express and logistics network and a supply chain service system radiating Southeast Asia.

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