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China Post scales up capacity for Double 11 shopping festival
China Post scales up capacity for Double 11 shopping festival
|China Post News|2023-10-31

To ensure smooth express delivery and meet customers’ needs during the “Double 11” shopping spree, China Post has recently made comprehensive plans and arrangements for the peak season.

In terms of network, China Post EMS will use big data to dispatch manpower, transportation and other resources to avoid jams of express delivery during the peak season. It will dynamically switch the inbound and outbound functions of mail processing sites to maximize the equipment, and take advantage of auxiliary mail centers to make transit flatter. It will increase 17 designated chutes in the entire postal network to consolidate items into dispatches, so as to relieve major centers of mail processing pressure. It will also launch 2725 direct routes from places of origin to reduce transit times.

In terms of transit, China Post will leverage its integrated warehousing and distribution facilities to enable integrated packaging and dispatching service, and put smart sorting machines and large double-deck sorting equipment in efficient operation in the whole process.

In terms of transport capacity, China Post has put 42 planes of China Postal Airlines and 115,000 postal vehicles on stand-by. It has also coordinated the transport capacity resources such as inter-provincial high-speed railway postal routes and civil aviation cargo freight to speed up express delivery.

In terms of delivery, China Post will step up efforts to deliver express parcels directly to self pick-up points, so as to improve the processing efficiency of collection and delivery offices. It will dynamically deploy delivery personnel during the peak season to strengthen delivery capacity in major cities. It will also increase evening delivery shifts and customer service personnel, and speed up the last-mile express delivery in rural areas through cooperation with public transportation and courier companies.

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