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Guangdong Postal Branch speeds up all Russia-bound routes
Guangdong Postal Branch speeds up all Russia-bound routes
|China Post News|2023-11-21

Since the beginning of this year, Guangdong Postal Branch has launched a full-scale acceleration of services on Russia-bound routes, winning a high recognition from Russian customers and the headquarters of China Post Group. From January to October, the business revenue of Guangdong Postal Branch on Russia-bound routes increased by 129 percent year-on-year. In November, its average daily income increased by 106 percent on the month-on-month basis.

In terms of air freight, Guangdong Postal Branch launched the “everyday flight” routing plan. It selected the seven flights in a week for each type of products on each route from such aspects as price, time limit, flight date and frequency, thus improving the time limit and quality of the service. At present, Guangdong Postal Branch has seven direct flights to Russia every week, and has built its unique postal channels relying on the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ports. As a result, 90 percent of its international ePacket items transported by air can be delivered within 15 days. On Russia’s Ozon platform, the air freight service provided by Guangdong Postal Branch accounts for 50 percent of that provided in China.

In terms of land transportation routes to Russia, Guangdong Postal Branch, relying on the Belt and Road Initiative, has developed a channel of direct cargo truck service. With this channel, the goods can be dispatched from Guangdong, and transported directly to the Yekaterinburg office of exchange in Russia via Urumqi in Xinjiang and Kazakhstan, which has successfully reduced the time limit on the “Guangzhou-Yekaterinburg” route from a maximum of 18 days to a minimum of 9 days, with a reduction of 11 days on average. Since October, Guangdong Postal Branch has seen a significant increase in its land transportation business volume, from one truck a week to six trucks a week. From September to November, it dispatched over five tonnes of mail by land every day, a tenfold increase compared with the previous eight months.

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