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China-Japan-Korea High-level Postal Meeting held in Hangzhou
China-Japan-Korea High-level Postal Meeting held in Hangzhou
|China Post News|2023-12-01

On November 28, the 21st China-Japan-Korea High-level Postal Meeting was held in Hangzhou. It has been four years since the postal operators from the three countries got together last time. The three parties exchanged opinions on their overall development and future strategies and conducted in-depth discussion on boosting cooperation and enhancing competitiveness. President Zheng Guoyu of China Post Group Corporation Limited (China Post) met the delegations from Japan Post and Korea Post. Vice President Wen Shaoqi of China Post, Executive Vice President Yoshito Minami of Japan Post, and Director General Kim Hong-jae of Korea Post attended the meeting with their respective delegations.

During the meeting, the three Posts discussed four topics including overall development, reinforcement of linehaul cooperation and improvement of End-to-End performance, transformative and innovative development of traditional postal services and postal digital transformation. They agreed to share air transportation resources, connect their domestic networks to raise the delivery speed, link their information networks to ensure service quality, jointly explore mail presorting solutions and sign pair project together under the framework of UPU EMS Cooperative. They also agreed to share their best practices and intensify cultural exchanges in areas of postcards, stamps, theme post offices and cooperation in e-commerce. Furthermore, they agreed to further explore postal digital transformation, step up experience sharing of innovation in mail sorting technology and equipment, work together to advance research and development in digital technologies, and promote talent exchanges. The three parties signed the Memorandum of Cooperation for the 21st China-Japan-Korea High-level Postal Meeting and agreed to establish a joint working group to implement the consensus reached during the meeting.

During the meeting, the delegates also visited Hangzhou Dajiangdong mail processing center and Wuzhen theme post office to experience the vivid example of China Post’s innovation and development.

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