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PSBC releases four achievements in digital finance
PSBC releases four achievements in digital finance
|China Post News|2023-12-02

On December 1, the Postal Savings Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as PSBC) held a digital finance conference and product launch of Mobile Banking APP 9.0 with the theme of “Embracing Digital PSBC’s i-Era” in Beijing, and officially launched the digital bank i-PSBC and released four “i” achievements in digital finance including Mobile Banking APP 9.0, demonstrating the distinctive and differentiated digital transformation path of the bank.

With “responding to the changes of the times” as the new track to victory, PSBC strives to consolidate the foundation for digital capabilities and create the era of an intelligent, innovative, inclusive and iterative digital bank. The four “i” achievements it released are i-Bank—the Mobile Banking APP 9.0, i-Cube—the integrated smart operation platform, i-Open—the open bank service platform, and i-Super—the financial digitalization index.

As is reported, i-Bank is committed to developing professional online financial services with craftsmanship spirit, providing one-stop “finance plus life” services through the “smart steward”. Therefore, it enables the functions of both asset allocation and wealth stewardship, combines fun interaction with intelligent interaction, provides round-the-clock online service of AI space, digital staff and video customer service, and facilitates security management and process optimization to go hand in hand, thus creating a great life experience for customers.

i-Cube is an operation platform where PSBC turns its intensive and digital operation philosophy into a set of easy-to-operate, executable and visualized system tools, and makes it into a closed-loop management system that covers the whole operation process integrating data acquisition, customer profile, strategy application, precise reach, operation monitoring, and tracking and evaluation, so as to greatly improve customer operation efficiency.

i-Open, as a platform-based business model, constantly expands the boundaries of financial services, works together with parties concerned to promote the organic integration of finance and scenarios, outlets and business districts as well as online and offline services, so as to build a bank with a digital ecosystem where it may achieve coordinated development and win-win cooperation with consumer-end, business-end, government-end and finance-end users and clients.

i-Super is a sustainable, iteratively optimized digital transformation evaluation index created by PSBC. It can provide strong support for the bank’s digital transformation in terms of its current situation and trend analysis, effectiveness and achievement evaluation, strengths and gap identification, and transformation path optimization.

Presided over by the intelligent robot of customer service for mobile banking, the conference started with the surprise debut of PSBC’s digital staff family, showing vividly the new business form of PSBC’s special digital finance.

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