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China Post kicks off 2024 Lunar New Year shopping festival
China Post kicks off 2024 Lunar New Year shopping festival
|China Post News|2023-12-05

In the warm sunshine of early winter when the harvest joy of September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival still lingered on, China Post officially kicked off the 2024 Lunar New Year shopping festival in Beijing on November 30.

By November 28, China Post’s rural e-commerce had generated a two-way commodity flow of 29.4 billion yuan (about 4.12 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 48 percent, leading the e-commerce businesses run by SOEs. The “September 19 Postal Ecommerce Festival” this year had witnessed a total commodity flow of 8.243 billion yuan (about 1.16 billion US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 89.1 percent, with the scale of commodity flow leading the e-commerce shopping festivals organized by SOEs.

Every turn of the year, the fourth quarter and before the Spring Festival, is the high sales season. Lunar New Year shopping festival is a major marketing campaign successfully organized by China Post for many years, and has great significance for the postal enterprises of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) to compensate for deficiencies at the year end and achieve a positive growth at the beginning of a new year. At the same time, the festival can generate an ecological effect where festival marketing drives the rise of commodity flow, and the increased commodity flow may in turn boost the coordinated development of financial and mail delivery services. It is reported that China Post Group has set higher goals for the Lunar New Year shopping festival this year. It is expected that the two-way commodity flow will reach 10 billion yuan (about 1.40 billion US dollars), with an anticipated year-on-year increase of 50 percent. Focusing on selling farm produce to cities, industrial products to rural areas and fulfilling government affairs and membership services, China Post Group will carefully organize the special activities of the shopping festival, and provide strong support in marketing, promotion, ULE empowerment and guaranteed delivery services. In terms of selling industrial products to rural areas, China Post Group will launch a one-billion-yuan commodity flow project for customized hot-selling products. It will innovatively foster customized hot-sellers which are priced according to the quantity of orders so as to increase the sales of such products. China Post Group will focus on the 93 base-yielded farm produce which is intended to be on the market during the Lunar New Year shopping festival, and organize online marketing campaigns around seasonal beef and mutton, New Year bazaar, and fresh fruits such as strawberries and oranges, thus forming synergy among all postal enterprises nationwide to promote farm produce to cities. It will launch special activities collaborative with financial service cross-year marketing campaign, in which services such as scanning code for membership, membership points redemption at ULE stations, bank card acquiring service and credit card issuance will be carried out. It will also try employing AI beings in livestreaming to empower multi-scenario livestreaming sales.

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