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China Post opens green passage for earthquake relief
China Post opens green passage for earthquake relief
|China Post News|2023-12-22

At present, the rescue work in the earthquake-stricken areas of Gansu and Qinghai is underway in a prompt and orderly manner. In order to timely deliver more disaster relief supplies to these areas, China Post has officially opened a green passage for free mailing of the donations.

The opening time of the green passage is from December 22, 2023 to 24:00 January 21, 2024. The targeted donation recipients are institutions designated by the government of Linxia Hui autonomous prefecture in Gansu province and Haidong Municipal Government of Qinghai province, including the social welfare center of Jishishan county and the charity association of Linxia county in Gansu, the emergency management bureau (storage pool for emergency supplies) of Xunhua county and the emergency management bureau of Minhe county in Qinghai. The materials will be distributed uniformly upon arrival. Donations accepted include food, long cotton coats, down jackets, and cold prevention materials. Caring people can call the service hotline 11183, and staff members will register the delivery information of the donations. Then, China Post will arrange for couriers to come in and provide free packaging and pickup service. To ensure the timeliness, the donations will be mailed by EMS.

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