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Xinjiang Postal Branch accelerates westward expansion of international business
Xinjiang Postal Branch accelerates westward expansion of international business
|China Post News|2023-12-04

On November 12, six “Kashgar” postal vehicles departed from Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region for Kyrgyzstan, marking the official operation of Kashgar Office of Exchange of Xinjiang Postal Branch. This is the first measure taken by Kashgar prefecture to implement the policies for Kashgar area of the China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang PFTZ), indicating that Kashgar prefecture can directly interconnect with Kyrgyzstan and other neighboring countries of China in terms of mail and goods, further highlighting its advantages in foreign trade.

At the end of October, the State Council issued a master plan for China (Xinjiang) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which offered policy support for postal, express and logistics services, and injected new momentum into the development of cross-border business of Xinjiang Postal Branch.

The plan proposed exploring the establishment of an intensive supervision model for international mail, international express, and cross-border e-commerce services while meeting supervision conditions. It promoted the construction of border warehouses and overseas warehouses, encouraged capable enterprises to build overseas warehouses in Central Asian countries, and foster a cross-border consolidation shipping mode that links multi warehouses. The plan also urged the construction of Urumqi national land port logistics hub, pushed forward the construction of national airport logistics hub, and advanced building a major national cold chain logistics base. It proposed strengthening the functions of offices of exchange (mail units) for international mail, and exploring the construction of China Post Central Asia to Central Europe overseas warehouse hub.

In 2023, Xinjiang Postal Branch successively pressed ahead with the construction and operation of Khorgos International Mail Unit, Kashgar Office of Exchange and Jeminay International Business Border Warehouse, and expanded the direct international air and surface mail routes from Urumqi Office of Exchange to the five Central Asian countries on the basis of the original direct surface mail route to Kazakhstan, and opened direct surface routes to Moscow and 16 European countries.

Next, Xinjiang Postal Branch will rely on the complete supervision equipment and service of Urumqi Comprehensive Bonded Zone to accelerate the construction of China Post overseas warehouse hub and the integrated customs clearance for international mail, international express, and cross-border e-commerce services. Making full use of the inspection function of the offices of exchange, it will strengthen the integration of domestic and international resources, promote combined transportation by international express railway, cargo trucking and freight charter flights, ensure the timeliness of multi-modal transportation modes, and facilitate the booming development of cross-border e-commerce in Urumqi and even throughout Xinjiang.

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