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China Post’s agency financial service generates deposit growth of over one trillion yuan this year
China Post’s agency financial service generates deposit growth of over one trillion yuan this year
|China Post News|2023-12-06

As of November 30, China Post’s agency financial service had generated deposit growth of 1,013.3 billion yuan (about 141.22 billion US dollars) this year, with a year-on-year increase of 45.3 billion yuan (about 6.31 billion US dollars), and the total savings deposit balance reaching 9.7 trillion yuan (about 1.352 trillion US dollars). It had therefore completed the goal of deposits and revenue for the first phase of its cross-year special marketing campaign earlier than expected, and laid a solid foundation for the revenue growth of China Post’s financial business this year and the stability of its financial revenue next year.

Since the beginning of this year, China Post’s agency financial service sector has actively responded to internal and external changes, optimized and adjusted the development strategies, and mobilized all postal employees nationwide to go all out to keep existing deposit balance stable, add new deposits and increase revenue with new services, new ways and new ecosystem. The headquarters of China Post Group have insisted on analyzing and studying the changes of macroeconomic and financial data, such as the structure of monthly new yuan deposits released by the People’s Bank of China, consumption patterns, the output and revenue of summer and autumn grain and distinctive agriculture, so as to gain insight into the flow of deposits, and guide the grassroots units to identify the driving force for stabilizing and increasing deposits. The headquarters have also unwaveringly pushed institutions at all levels to change their focus from merely increasing savings to fostering ecosystem, so as to derive deposits in the ecosystem and deposit funds from payment and settlement, thus introducing the source of deposits. They have focused on the current deposit nature of customers’ trading, payment, and settlement funds, and constructed a special model for current deposits through big data algorithms, thereby helping the grassroots units stabilize and increase deposits. They have treated retail business in the way they treat wholesale business, focused on ecosystems of financing and settlement, connection of wholesale and retail, consumer finance as well as outlets and stations, and strived to build their capabilities of connecting deposits and loans, corporate business and private business, credit as well as channels for savings deposits growth, so as to improve the service for customers and customer base.

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