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Third China Post Cultural Festival kicks off
Third China Post Cultural Festival kicks off
|China Post News|2023-12-12

Sending greeting cards from the site of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, customizing special stamps Year of Jiachen with personal birth date, and purchasing mystery boxes of magazines at 9.9-yuan time-limited sec-killing... A wide range of innovative postal services will bring consumers brand-new postal experience during the 3rd China Post Cultural Festival, the reporter learned from the kick-off meeting of the festival held by China Post Group on December 8.

Having been held for two consecutive years, China Post Cultural Festival has made significant achievements in supporting postal service development and facilitating customer conversion, thereby playing a key role in expediting the marketing and transformation of postal service. The festival will focus on postal products, channels and promotion resources during the peak season of cross-year marketing period from the fourth quarter to the Spring Festival (usually late January or early February next year), and carry out comprehensive postal service marketing campaign on the Internet. It aims to raise the social impact of the cultural festival while scaling up business, constantly reinforce the memory of postal brands and create the tipping point of postal service peak season marketing.

The festival will launch a series of online events like new year lottery, subscription of newspapers and periodicals (hereinafter referred to as N&P), and new year zodiac projects, and empower key marketing events in the peak season through a diversity of promotion activities like limited-time offers, sec-killing, money off and special offers on live-streaming. The letter business sector will hold activities like premium sales on best sellers, promotion and customization of lottery new year postcards, marketing and promotion of lottery new year letter products as well as sending greeting cards on the spot. The newspaper and periodical business sector will launch gift offer activities for N&P subscription, conduct marketing events on the annual N&P subscription for 2024, organize subscription of best-selling newspapers, periodicals and books, and reward the subscribers with a prize draw. Taking Chinese zodiac as the theme of New Year greetings and the special stamps Year of Jiachen as the core resources, the philatelic business sector will make great efforts to tap into the new year market through live-streaming, lottery and promotion activities.

In order to cater to the young people, the cultural festival cooperated with China Media Group, Universal Studios and China National Arts and Crafts Museum, and created co-branded best-selling products, thus making it possible to attract traditional, trendy and artistic customer segments. Through phased promotion and flash sales, it will keep expanding the brand impact and product exposure, hence empowering the publicity of the postal brands.

During the cultural festival, China Post will foster 20 flagship stores, 50 boutiques, 100 brand stores and over 50,000 experience stores, and launch offline promotional events like postmark collecting, flash mob, product exhibitions, and gift offering for store visits. The events of the cultural festival will be integrated with the peak season marketing of parcel, express and logistics service, financial service cross-year marketing campaign and the New Year shopping festival, going together to promote China Post brand.

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