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PSBC tops mobile banking sector in user experience
PSBC tops mobile banking sector in user experience
|China Post News|2023-12-29

Recently, China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA) released the 2023 China E-bank Investigation Report, in which personal mobile banking in 102 banks across China was comprehensively evaluated, and PSBC mobile banking ranked first in user experience.

In this report, user experience was evaluated based on three indicators: expert experience, new user experience and existing user experience. The result shows that PSBC mobile banking ranked first in the total of the three indicators, with a score of 88.9. In terms of individual indicators, PSBC mobile banking topped the scores of both expert experience and new user experience.

In expert experience, PSBC mobile banking had a zero incidence rate of operational problems in login and queries about balance, bank statement and wealth management, and only a 7.7-percent incidence rate of problems in money transfer. Its odds ratios in login and bank statement queries reached 83.3 percent and 77.8 percent respectively, both ranking first.

In new user experience, PSBC mobile banking won full marks for first operation success in login, balance queries, bank statement queries, money transfer, and wealth management queries. The operation convenience and satisfaction of bank statement queries scored 96.5 percent and 97.2 percent respectively, and the satisfaction of money transfer operation scored 97.9 percent. The net promoter scores of bank statement queries, money transfer operation, and wealth management queries all reached 100 percent, showing an outstanding performance.

After more than 10 years of constant development and innovation since it was launched in 2012, PSBC mobile banking has gradually grown into a digital business platform with more than 350 million users, and won a good reputation thanks to its constantly improved user experience. This year, the newly launched Mobile Banking APP 9.0 has undergone upgrades in wealth management, fun, intelligence and security, thereby bringing better user experience.

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