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Guangdong Postal Branch breaks through last mile delivery in rural areas
Guangdong Postal Branch breaks through last mile delivery in rural areas
|China Post News|2024-01-24

Since the beginning of 2023, Guangdong Postal Branch has accelerated the construction of the three-tier logistics system at village, township and county levels based on the idea of building the system into a standard, normal, modular and systematic one, and extended it to 17 cities and 72 counties. At present, Guangdong Postal Branch has established postal convenience service stations at all administrative villages, ensuring the launch of self-pickup and agency delivery services at all these stations. As a result, 100 percent of the rural mail items have been delivered in Guangdong province, and more than 130 million mailpieces have been delivered to villages, a year-on-year increase of about 90 million pieces.

Guangdong Postal Branch drew on capable personnel from its network operation department, city-level branches and other units to set up special task forces for rural revitalization, and established a system featuring special task forces with professional personnel. The departments concerned also designated special personnel for special tasks to promote delivery to villages and rural revitalization. Guangdong Postal Branch has also granted special subsidies for delivery to villages, and invested 230 million yuan (about 31.98 million US dollars) in the construction and operations of the three-tier logistics system for two consecutive years. To achieve the goal of leaving no mail item undelivered in the rural areas, Guangdong Postal Branch strengthened technology empowerment, and ensured real-time supervision of the village-level stations through its self-developed management and control platform for the three-tier logistics system and the follow-up supervision of China Post’s 11183 customer service team. To ensure delivery to villages, it has also adopted differentiated piece rates for mail items delivered to villages and those delivered to the central stations at townships and towns for self-pickup, so as to motivate the delivery staff from the very root.

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