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2011 Stamps
  • Overseas Chinese Culture...China National Philatelic Corporation issued a set of one first-day cover on July 10 , 2011, carrying a four-piece set of special stamps, "Overseas Chinese Culture", with a total face value of 8.10 yuan. The pictures on the stamps are named: "Traditional Festival" , "Overseas Chinese Guildhall" , "Chinatown" and "Chinese School".
  • Ocean Shipping of China...

    The ocean shipping of China focuses on shipping and logistics while additionally providing global customers with quality ship building and repairing, marine engineering, and terminal operation services. China owns and operates container fleet, bulk fleet, oil tanker fleet, and special vessel fleet, all of which form a complete global business chain comprising of shipping, logistics, terminal, shipbuilding and ship-repairing businesses. Bulk Shipping refers to the shipping service of grain, ore, coal, fertilizer, steel, timber and agricultural products for customers home and abroad. Container transport refers to the way of shipping with package cargos carried in large standardized containers for efficient shipping and handling. "Door-to-door" service thus can be realized through the integration of multiple transportation means including aviation, railways, highways and waterways.

    China National Philatelic Corporation will issue a FDC and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

  • CyclingChina, reputed to be the "bicycle kingdom," is one of the countries more developed in bicycle transportation.
  • Chinese Dramatic Balladry...

    Quyi (dramatic balladry) is a general term for a variety of Chinese ballad singing art. A unique form that has evolved from folk oral literature and singing through a long history of development, Quyi distinguishes itself with a singular style, characterized by strong local characteristics, national traits, and an amusing touch. With its tune echoing through centuries, Quyi records the history of the Chinese nation and spreads the virtues of the Chinese people.

    China National Philatelic Corporation will issue two FDCs and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

  • Shanghai High-Speed Railway...

    The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway was officially put into commercial service on June 30, 2011. As an important integral part of China's "four vertical and four horizontal" high-speed rail network, it is the world's longest high-speed line ever constructed in a single phase, meeting the world's highest technological standard. The 1,318-km line spans seven provinces and municipalities from Beijing to Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shanghai, and links China's two most promising economic centers – Bohai Economic Rim and Yangtze River Delta. Its originally planned operation speed was 350 km/h, but in the initial stage it will operate 300 km/h and 250 km/h trains, with the minimum travel time being only 4 hours and 48 minutes. The operation of the high-speed railway plays a vital role in perfecting China's comprehensive transportation system, propelling coordinated development of regional economy, and improving transportation conditions for people living along the line.

    China National Philatelic Corporation will issue a FDC and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

  • Furniture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties...

    During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the development of traditional Chinese furniture reached its summit. The framework of furniture in the style of the Ming Dynasty was precise, scientific, simple and elegant; the furniture of the Qing Dynasty developed on the basis of the style of the Ming Dynasty, remarkable for its fine sculpture, luxurious materials and elaborate ornament. In particular, sitting tools varied in patterns and were produced with excellent skills, and they were an important part of furniture in the time of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

    China National Philatelic Corporation will issue three FDCs and a commemorative cancellation respectively.

  • Chinese Contemporary Scientists (Ⅴ)...The Eighth National Scientific Congress in 2011 marks the centenary of famous scientist Qian Xuesen. A special stamp issue in its honor features Shitsan Pai, Qian Xuesen, Hou Xianglin and Qian Sanqiang.

    Shitsan Pai was an experimental biologist, cell biologist and educator. He was also one of the founders of China's cytology and embryology, and of China's biophysics.

    Qian Xuesen was a world-famous scientist and founder of China's space industry. His outstanding contributions won him several distinguished awards.

    Hou Xianglin was a chemical engineering scientist and chemical fuels expert who constantly pushed forward the development of China's petrol and petrol chemical industry.

    Qian Sanqiang was nuclear physicist. He was among the second generation of Marie Curie's students, and he and his wife He Zehui are known in the West as the Chinese Curies. He was the general designer of China's nuclear weaponry.
  • The 60th Anniversary of Tibet's Peaceful...2011 marks the 60th Anniversary of the Peaceful Liberation of Tibet Autonomous Region. Before liberation, the feudal serf system had reigned over the roof of the world for millennia. After many efforts, the Chinese government foiled countries such as the US and Britain in their attempts to halt liberation, so enabling smooth negotiations. The Tibetan local government delegation headed by Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme arrived in Beijing in late April of 1951, and signed a 17-article agreement with the Central People's Government on Tibet's peaceful liberation.

    This peaceful liberation ended the modern era of encroachments on Tibet by imperialists and colonialists. It established a solid foundation for China's national unification, ethnic solidarity, and Tibet's democratic reform, and the building of the autonomous system, its social progress and economic development. Liberation has led the peoples of Tibet to solidarity, progress and development.
  • Nankin BrocadeSelling method: Starting from the issuing date, the stamps will sold in designated post offices around China and on www.cpi.net.cn for six months.
  • The 26th Summer Universiade, Shenzhen...Selling method: Starting from the issuing date, the stamps will sold in designated post offices around China and on www.cpi.net.cn for six months.
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