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2017 Stamps
  • Magpies2017-21

    As an auspicious symbol, magpies were depicted in many idiomssuch as amagpie settles on a branch — a good omen.

    This set of stamps continuesthe love theme that began with amandarin duck and red-billed leiothrix, delicately depicting the beautiful scene with the meticulous traditional Chinese painting method.

    One magpie speaks to another thatlistens carefully in plum shoots, sendingmessages with their eyes and looking to be very happy. They accompany each other in their habitat, spending time together inconjugal love. With a classical and warm tone, the background looks elegant without being showy, illustrating a quiet happiness.

  • 13th National Games of China...2017-20

    The 13th Chinese National Games,themed “National Games for a Healthy China,”was held in north China's Tianjin Municipality from August 27 to September 8.More than 10,000 athletes participated in 33 competition events.

    The games also included 126 events of 19 mass programs that drew more than 7,000 mass sports enthusiasts to attend. Named ‘“Heading for the Future“, the emblem for the games was a torch shape composed of "Jin," "13," "a person with opening arms," "water of Haihe River" and other elements, implying that Tianjin opens its arms to embrace the future and that Tianjin is open and inclusive.


  • BRICS Xiamen Summit2017-19

    The stamp identifies the 2017 BRICS Xiamen Summit logo as the main element, garnished with scenery and cultural symbols of Xiamen such as Kulangsu, Xiamen University and Jimei School Village. With elegant colors, the picture affords a wide view.

    The foreground has the Sunshine Rock, the architectural complex and flying aigrettes as well as buildings in Xiamen University as its main elements. The background components are Jimei School Village and city scenery. The whole picture not only shows the strategic position and economic development of Xiamen, but also symbolizes the bright prospects for BRICS countries with the BRICS Xiamen Summit as the starting point. 

  • 90th Anniversary of the Founding of the ...2017-18

    The issue shows the charm of valiant soldiers of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) as well as the strength of China's military combat equipment. The stamps depict the heroic actions of soldiers from different branches of the armed services, the army flag and sophisticated military equipment. The scene of joint operations not only depicts soldier discipline and modernization in the PLA, but also manifests the PLA's sacred mission of defending the motherland and safeguarding the peace. 

  • Phoenix (Heritage)2017-17

    “Phoenix (Heritage) ” is the companion issue of the “Dragon (Heritage)” released in 2000.

    The stamp selects six historical relics that represent Chinese phoenix culture. Six different printing processes were used for the first time to reflect the characteristics of the relics, catching their brilliance perfectly.

  • 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s return ...2017-16

    July 1, 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. The “one country, two systems” policy has achieved fruitful results in the past 20 years. Hong Kong maintains its capitalist system and way of life as well as its position as an international financial, trade and shipping center. It is recognized as one of the world's most competitive areas and most liberal economies. Forging closer links with the Chinese mainland and expanding foreign exchanges, Hong Kong will further enhance its international influence. 

  • International Day Against Drug Abuse and...2017-15

    The United Nations decided in 1987 to observe June 26 as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. The 30th International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking fell on June 26, 2017.

    Firm opposition to drugs is the routine position of China's government.

    In recent years, China's government has implemented comprehensive controls to promote the people's war against drugs and has made an important contribution to social harmony and stability. 

  • Children’s Games(Ⅰ)2017-13

    Children grow up with games. The games of different times record the unique vitality and spirit of that era, and are also unforgettable memories of moving through life. The content, type and play of children's games are influenced by social history, geography, customs and ethics. Careful study will find their rich connotations. The stamps show six popular folk children's games in China, including iron hoop rolling, leap frog, throwing sandbags, the swing, shuttlecock kicking and hopscotch. Wonderful pictures of the games make you regain childhood memories and recall that golden time. 

  • 120th Anniversary of the Founding of Zhe...2017-12

    Qiushi College, the predecessor of Zhejiang University, was founded in 1897. One of the earliest modern institutions of higher education established by the Chinese people, it was named Zhejiang University in 1928. Founded amid national crisis, Zhejiang University rose during the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and has been dedicated to national construction for 120 years. It has become a first-class institution with a long history and distinguished reputation in China. Today's Zhejiang University, adhering to the motto of “Being Realistic and Innovative,” is stepping toward the great causes of national rejuvenation, human progress and the construction of a world-class university with Chinese characteristics. 

  • China Dinosaurs2017-11

    As reptiles born in the late Triassic Period (about 234 million years ago), non-avian dinosaurs left the world in the extinction event in the late Cretaceous Period (about 66 million years ago), while other dinosaur species evolved into birds that survive until today. Referred to as a world leading dinosaur nation, China is rich in dinosaur fossils and dinosaur research has developed quickly though it started late. After nearly a century, China now leads the world in paleontological fossil discovery and research, and had named 244 species of dinosaurs by May of 2014, ranking first in the world. 

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