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Golden Panzhou City
Supporting Information   
Stamp Title: Golden Panzhou City
Serial Number:
Piece in Set: 1
Denomination: 0.8 yuan
Date of Issue: 2018-10-17
Designer: Wang Huming
Size of Stamp:
Sheet Composition:
Printer: Beijing Stamp Printing House
Printing Technology:

China Post issued a set of one regular stamped postcard featuring Golden Panzhou City in southwest China’s Guizhou Province with a denomination of 0.8 yuan (0.1152 U.S. dollars) on October 17, 2018.

Located at the junction of Yunnan and Guizhou, Panzhou is the west gate of Guizhou Province. It has beautiful scenery, rich natural resources, strong ethnic customs and profound historical culture. Since ancient times, it has been a gathering place for merchants due to its unique advantages in location, transportation, resources and so on.

The postcard depicts the new Panzhou city, ancient city gate, ginkgo biloba leaves and other elements. The pale blue new city and gray ancient city gate serve as a foil to the golden ginkgo biloba leaves.

The postcard was designed by Wang Huming, and was printed by the Beijing Stamp Printing House. 

Offer for sale: This set of stamps is available at designated postal outlets, the online philatelic shop of China Post (http://jiyou.11185.cn), China Philately mobile client and the China Philately Wechat Mall since they were issued on October 17, 2018. 

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